Michi no eki,
minato oasis

A new symbol of Yawatahama.
Agora Marche, a direct marketing, product sales, and restaurant facility that makes use of local ingredients
Doya ichiba sells fresh fish landed at Yawatahama Fishing Port
Base for disseminating information and local activities, Minato Koryukan, etc.

Tourist Information

Yawatahama city

Tourist Attractions
of Yawatahama

There are so many attractions for tourists to visit and experience in Yawatahama.
We would like to recommend some of them in this website.
We hope you will come to Yawatahama to have a lot of fun!

Minatto Map

Main facility

  • 1
    Minato Koryukan
    A base for tourism and local activities that “connects and nurtures”.
  • 2
    Agora Marche
    A food theme park where you can always find delicious and new things.
  • 3
    Doya ichiba
    An array of locally caught fresh seafood.
  • 4
    Doya shokudo
    Enjoy freshly landed seafood.


  • 5
    Lawn square
    A flat lawn park of approximately 4,400㎡. It is a free space that can be used for multiple purposes.
  • 6
    A boardwalk with a length of about 140m and a width of 5m made of solid wood. You can enjoy walking freely.
  • 7
    Bright toilet with natural lighting. There is also a powder room in the women's space.
  • 8
    Yawatahama Port
    A ferry terminal connecting Yawatahama and Oita. 4 minutes walk from Yawatahama Minato.

Opening Hours

facility opening hours
Minato Koryukan 9:00am to 9:30pm
public toilet,
Okinitta Green Park
all day
parking all day

Closing Day

facility closing day
Minato Koryukan December 29th - January 3rd
public toilet,
Okinitta Green Park
parking none

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